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The three “P’s” in all business environments that utilize cloud-based services are: productivity, performance and profit. Altoserv is your partner to empower those goals, especially during the incredibly competitive times currently being faced. Whether you are an insurance carrier, independent adjuster, or any business that adjusts content insurance claims, Altoserv has the ways and means for you to bring consistency, increased productivity, and cost savings without investing in or deploying expensive and cumbersome technologies.

Altoserv’s cloud-based service places total control of the contents adjusting process in your hands, with:

  • 24/7 online availability without the need to install end-user software
  • Real-time filing / valuation and closure with less human error
  • Access to 750M+ replacement products from 3,000+ retailers
  • Fully automated LKQ matching and depreciation
  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Consistency in claims handling

Fully Automated Pricing

Altoserv has fully automated the process of identifying the LKQ selections for replacement of claim items. Our proprietary technology speeds the process of pricing a claim by identifying the best LKQ replacement for the claim item from millions of available items. We also automatically apply deprecation, further reducing the time it takes to process a claim.


Many insurance companies currently allow their adjusters wide latitude in how they approach settling a claim. This typically means each adjuster takes their own approach and the company is left without a consistent standard. This lack of consistency costs money. Third-party challenges often take advantage of this problem. In addition the company is not able to readily understand the variances in settlement costs without a standard approach to compare to.

Reduced Cost

Altoserv can reduce your claims administration cost by up to 50%. Ask your salesman how we can save you money.

Management Oversight

Management needs the ability to observe how claims are being adjusted. Insurance companies need to be able to audit claims for consistency, accuracy and adherence to company standards. Altoserv meets those criteria by providing online access to claims. Altoserv provides the necessary management tools from closed claims to real-time observance of claims in the process of being adjusted.

Ease Of Deployment

Access to Altoserv’s online service is readily accessible by any adjuster with a computer and a browser. Gone are the requirements of expensive configuration, new hardware purchases and customization to deploy and integrate a solution. Altoserv is a standalone solution that can be deployed to your workforce in a matter of minutes.


Altoserv records claim items, LKQ replacements, retailers and more. A comprehensive set of reports is available in PDF and XLS format. Custom reports are available as well.


Altoserv has built its online service with industry standard security, utilized by the largest and most sophisticated financial service organizations. Communication is secured with SSL encryption between the browser and the server and data resides in SQL databases that are routinely backed up to prevent data loss.

Choice Of Services

Altoserv enables you to benefit through two types of access:

  • Direct access and use by your adjusters
  • Contents data entry services where you provide the claims and we provide the labor

    • Either way, the problems of consistency and lack of oversight are gone. And reduced claims payouts will enhance your bottom line.

      Easy Decision

      Easy is the key word for you and your company.

      • Easy to deploy
      • Easy to use
      • Easy on the bottom line

      Altoserv gives you TCA, Total Competitive Advantage!

Easy-to-use and accurate, Altoserv provides consistency for all claims processed by your adjusters.


  • Insurance Carrier
  • Independent Claims Adjuster
  • Managing General Agency
  • Third Party Administrator

Contents Data Entry Service

  • Altoserv can help with your claims work load. We rapidly provide you with an accurate valuation report prepared by our experienced team. From a small loss to a total loss, Altoserv’s CDES is your solution.
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Special Pricing

  • Altoserv has negotiated special pricing for members of various professional associations.

Contents Data Entry Service

    Contents Claims do not need to be tedious and time consuming.

    Are you buried in a large backlog of contents claims? Altoserv can help you by offloading the tedious tasks of preparing inventory lists, finding and assigning LKQ items, and preparing reports that you can review to perform the adjusting function on.

    Email your voice dictated inventory walk through, or

    Fax / Email your written inventory sheets, or

    Complete our custom Excel based inventory spreadsheet for even faster turnaround.

    We are fast and efficient and use this same cloud-based service to prepare the inventory and price each item. Reports will be provided to you in Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Excel format and rapidly delivered electronically.

    Remember...when you ask Altoserv to do the contents valuation and report generation, you get all of the work and report for one low price.

    Give us a try today. Contact our CDES Team

Overworked? Overdue backlog of claims? Altoserv's contents data entry service can take over and reduce your stress levels. By serving up the lowest replacement cost available in real time, the service saves your company time and money.

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